Motors-Antigravity MN6007

Antigravity MN6007

The MN6007 series by T-Motor is a lightweight and durable motor that is tailored for surveying applications. It boasts exceptional efficiency, thanks to its high-quality bearings, high-temperature resistant wire, arc magnets, and 0.2mm silicone steel sheet laminate. With these features, it can deliver efficient flights that last up to 50 minutes with the right configuration, making it a reliable performer.

Features of MN6007

T-Motor can deliver an impressive flight time of up to 50 minutes with the proper setup.
It can deliver a maximum thrust of up to 5.5kg, making it a powerful and efficient motor
The MN6007 series by T-Motor also boasts a lower cogging torque, which means that it can start up more smoothly and with less resistance.
The MN6007 series by T-Motor is not only a powerful and durable motor, but it is also ultra-light and highly efficient.

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