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Founded in 2022, Ultraadox is a high-tech innovation enterprise focusing on UAV platform innovation, production and sales. We are a team of passionate professionals committed to delivering the best solution to our clients by being focused on all their needs and adopting a detail-oriented and professional approach.

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About Us

Ultraadox is a provider of high-quality drone components such as motors, propellers, and ESCs at competitive prices. The accumulation of technical expertise and experience, we have achieved exceptional results. Our company offers a wide range of UAVs and technical services to meet the needs of customers in various application fields, including public security, marine, industrial, agricultural, geo-tuning, surveying and mapping, emergency response, film and television, and more.

Our passion lies in the field of automation and unmanned systems, and their numerous applications. We focus on deploying fully autonomous unmanned systems that are intelligent, safe, and user-friendly.Currently, our inventory includes a range of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from the M series, include the MN4004, MN4006, MN5006, MN4008, MN6007, MN7005, and MN1005.


Our objective is to raise stakeholder awareness and advocate for progressive public policies that foster a safety culture. We aim to facilitate the growth and innovation of drones for personal, professional, educational, and governmental use in India.


Our aim is to minimize human efforts and provide innovative, flexible, and cost-effective drone solutions across various industries. We strive to optimize asset maintenance while ensuring client satisfaction.

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